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Offer a Job Shadowing Experience

Offer students a day with professionals at the workplace to gain insights into their field of interest and explore relevant career options.

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Post a Job or Internship

Promote your available vacancies and different graduate programs. Gain access to highly qualified candidates according to your needs. You can also book interviewing space to conduct your screening on campus.

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Attend a Career Fair

Join top employers in Egypt at the annual SCU Employment Fair. The event is your opportunity to diversify your talent pool and reach out to some of the best and brightest young graduates from the Canal region. It is also an opportunity to brand your company in the Suez Canal cities, a destination that holds a great promise of a bright future for Egypt in the coming decades.

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Build Your Brand

Conduct a Technical Training

  Conduct a Technical Training:  SCU Career Gate Link

Deliver an on-campus Information Session

Brand your name on campus with ECDC Informational Sessions. Offering students insight on career paths in your organization, as well as knowledge about technical experience required in different fields such as (Health Care, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Marketing, etc).

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Connect with ECDC Staff

Contact at ecdcrecruitment@suez.edu.eg