About Us

Suez Canal University Employability and Career Development Center (SCU ECDC) is the first to serve SCU students/fresh graduates in pursuing their career plans.

SCU ECDC was established in 2013 with the efforts of the American University in Cairo (AUC), in cooperation with SCU and funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide professional career guidance for university students and alumni.

SCU ECDC looks forward to support and pave the way for hundreds of students and alumni to overcome the gap between their education and job market requirements

Vision Mission and Values


To be regarded as a resource and turning point in the professional career development of Suez Canal University young generations.


The Employability and Career Development Center at Suez Canal University offers students and alumni comprehensive career guidance services and assists the business community to recruit skilled and productive workforce.


  • Guides SCU alumni, graduates and students in exploring their unique self and career planning process such as values, interest, skills and personality.
  • Provides students with career-related opportunities and experiential training.
  • Connect students/alumni with potential employers to help them reach their professional goals
  • Enhance and develop career services to cope with current labour market.

   Core values

  • Integrity

We hold the flag of honesty and ethics in everything that we do.

  • Equality

We exist to give all students equal opportunities to polish their personal knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • Student-centred

We maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere between students and our team.

  • Collaboration

We collaborate with any reliable organization to provide our students with every possible opportunity.

  • Trust

We build mutual trust between students and our team.


Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Seddiqa Abouelela

  • seddiqa.ashraf@suez.eu.eg
  • 01000380296


Eman Abdelmouty

Deputy Director - Recruitment
  • eman.abdelmouty@suez.edu.eg
  • 01005695323


Aya Ahmed

Senior IT & Communication Specialist
  • aya.ahmed@suez.edu.eg
  • 0643209436


Aaser Khaled

Senior Career Development Facilitator
  • aaser.khaled@suez.edu.eg
  • 0643209436